Trustworthy Artificial General Intelligence Research (TAGIR) Group

Welcome to the Trustworthy Artificial General Intelligence Research (TAGIR) Group. This group aims to bring together researchers interested in Trustworthy AGI research and collaborate for more valuable works. If you are interested in joining us or collaborating, please email

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Staff Members

  • Dr. Di Wu, Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland, Australia (Federated Learning and Privacy) [Scholar] [Web]
  • Dr. Borui Cai, Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia (Knowledge Graph and Artificial General Intelligence) [Scholar]
  • Dr. Jiale Zhang, Associate Professor, Yangzhou University, China (Cybersecurity and Privacy) [Scholar]
  • Dr. Wencheng Yang, Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland, Australia (Biometric Security, AI Security and Privacy) [Scholar] [Web]
  • Dr. Tianning Li, Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland, Australia (Electroencephalogram (EEG)) [Scholar]

Student Members

  • Jun Bai, Deakin University, Australia (Federated Learning and Privacy) [Scholar]

Group News!

  • (02/2024) Congrats our members Dr. Jiale Zhang and Dr. Di Wu for paper accepted IEEE Transaction on Arificial Intelligence
  • (01/2024) Congrats our members Dr. Di Wu and Jun Bai for paper accepted by top-tier AI conference ICLR 2024 (Core A*)! Well done!
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